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Rock sliders

Rock sliders

Protect your vehicle’s side and sill panels from rocks and road debris. Our range of side protection products will protect your vehicle from obstacles small and large, while providing easy access to those hard-to-reach areas of your vehicle. Superbly engineered chassis mounting systems distinguish your side protection gear from the standard steps commonly fitted to […]



Protect your engine from dust and water. A 4×4 snorkel raises the level of your vehicle’s air intake to minimise the chance of water or dust entering your engine. It transfers the air intake from under your bonnet to roof height, providing your vehicle with cleaner, fresher, closer air. You get maximum engine protection and […]

Let’s talk skid plates

What do skid plates do? Skid plates are designed to protect your 4×4. Off-roading should be a time for adventure and exploration, so outfitting your 4wd with these parts will ensure a safe and successful journey. Why do I need skid plates? Skid plates are a necessity for anyone who takes their truck off-road. Skid […]