Light it up!

Light it up

Your safety, and that of others, depends on the right lighting. We offer an extensive range of vehicle lighting and rear vision options to suit your every driving need. Foul weather, night driving and the impending hazard of stray animals all demands the need for a clear view of the road. By focussing light properly in front of the vehicle, our lights actually increase visible range, improving your ability to react and reducing driver fatigue.

Of course, four-wheeling adventures don’t need to stop as the sky begins to fade and dusk sets in; when the day is transforming to night, a whole new 4×4 experience is about to begin! To keep the adventure rolling well into the late-night hours, we stock a range of lights to guide the way throughout your next nighttime escapade!

The basics

Understanding terms like lumens, lux and wattage is crucial in understanding the real difference between the types of lighting available to buy. When comparing lights it’s important to remember that bigger wattage or lumens are not equal to higher quality or more powerful light.

  • Lumens refer to the amount of visible light output from a light source.
  • Lux is a unit of measurement of light intensity, 1 Lux is equivalent to 1 lumen per square meter.
  • Wattage refers to the amount of electrical power used in watts (the rate of energy consumption).

What types of lights are out there?

Driving lights are continually evolving alongside advancements in technology and although it may seem like you have hundreds to decide between, the initial choice is between two: spotlights and light bars.

Spotlights are generally round with light bars being long and narrow. Within these two arrangements, you get a variety of globe options. Spotlights will be either Halogen, HID (High-Intensity Discharge), LED or a Laser and LED hybrid.  Light bars are mostly available as LED. Look for something that suits you, your vehicle and your needs but before you purchase any lights, it’s worthwhile giving consideration to the following details.

Spotlights will provide the best long-distance illumination and are most commonly used for driving at night off-road or cross country means facing mist, darkness and wildlife crossings. If you need a light output that is wider and brighter than your stock headlights, then a light bar or led bar is your best option. Led bars are available in all sizes, depending on where you want to mount it.

Tip: the best 4wd lights are waterproof, make sure they have an Ingress Protection Rating of at least IP67 which means that the bottom of the light can be submerged 1 meter underwater.

How much light do you need and where?

There are some seriously powerful lights on the market that enable you to see several kilometres up the road. The thing is, not everyone needs this level of brightness and you can spend a lot of money on something that is above and beyond how you use your 4WD.

How you set up your driving lights should reflect the type of driving and terrain you are driving in. In areas of wide open land and fast roads a set-up of two spot lights will give you the best throw of light reaching as far down those long straight roads as possible. For drivers who are predominantly in heavy bush with lots of winding roads a set-up of two flood lights will fill the foreground, giving you great visibility to the side of the roads where roos like to hide and throught he next close corner. For most drivers, however, the combination of one spot (driver’s side) and one flood provides the best of both worlds. The single spot throws a strong direct beam down the road over 1km, while the flood beam fills the foreground and roadside what is often considered the optimal driving light pattern and output.

You also need to consider how frequently you will be using your lights and align that with the type of travel we discussed in the previous paragraph. Spending a significant chunk of money on driving lights is unnecessary if you only use them once in a blue moon. A lot of spotlights come split, with one as a spot beam and one as a flood. Light bars are also being made with part split and spot arrangements to give you the best compromise. The alternative is to fit two styles of lights and have the best of both worlds.

Installation & maintenance

It’s important to make sure that your 4×4 light bar is at the correct angle. Lightbars can be adjusted on a vertical angle, and this is best done in the dark while parked on a flat surface. Ensure you have a long-distance open space in front of your 4×4 light bar so that you can make accurate adjustments to where your light falls on the road.

The best way to keep your lights in a good condition is to first ensure they are installed and wired properly. After that, maintaining your lights is as simple as keeping them clean from dirt, moisture, and other potentially damaging materials.

ARB Intensity Lights

ARB’s Intensity LED lights are top of the range. They’re high-performance, have a larger flood, sharper spot and greater intensity. With a 50,000-hour lifespan, they’re the last driving light your vehicle will ever need.

ARB Intensity V2 Led Drivings Lights

The ARB Intensity LED light range has been specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of off-roaders throughout the world. From producing white light that is the closest possible imitation of sunlight, to a virtually indestructible polycarbonate lens, these lights are the premium choice.

Submersible to 3 meters, compliant for radio interference suppression, the ARB Intensity LED lights have been vibration tested to military specifications to ensure they can withstand extended periods of heavy corrugations and extreme conditions to keep the road ahead brightly lit.

They’re available as AR32 (25 x 22 x 12 cm) and AR21 (21 x 19 x 9 cm), both as spot light and as flood light.

ARB Intensity Solis

Filled with features, Intensity Solis driving lights are available in a Spot or Flood beam which come with interchangeable red and black die-cast side bezels. New to the Intensity range is the Solis’ 5-stage dimmability function, while the introduction of a highly tuned single-piece reflector and 165 watts of OSRAM LED performance bring it to the top of the class in light output. Not just a remarkable performer, Intensity Solis driving lights represent a value proposition that is worth considering if you’re looking to add some additional driving lights to your vehicle.

The Intensity Solis range is available in dedicated spot and dedicated flood variations which connect to a centralised dimming controller in the wiring loom. There is also a new Solid 21 available, which is E-mark approved (following UNECE R149 regulation*).

ARB Intensity Led Light Bar

Engineered in Australia and manufactured in the United States using the same patented lens/reflector technology as ARB’s existing Intensity LED driving lights, the ARB Intensity V2 LED light bar utilises Hyperspot™ optics and advanced flood optics to intensify the light output of the 40 OSRAM LEDs (2 rows of 20) encased in a virtually indestructible polycarbonate lens and powder coated, extruded aluminium body with high-pressure die-cast end caps.

Designed to integrate with the top tube of the bull bar, the AR40 V2’s extruded alloy housing wraps around the tube, providing a low-profile integration with the bar work to maximise airflow to the cooling system and reduce obstructions. Its unique tube clamp mounting system sits out of view and delivers incredible stability for off-road use, eliminating vibration while being adjustable so that it won’t interfere with aerial mounting tabs, leaving them free to be used for their intended function.

A refined optic used to focus and intensify the light output as well as drive the OSRAM LEDs a great distance down the road, the Hyperspot™ technology also maintains clarity in the beam and controls the beam pattern to the correct area without spilling into unnecessary areas.

Mounting kits are available to suit three different tube diameters and are designed specifically to fit ARB Bumpers. Constructed from extruded aluminum, with stainless steel fasteners, the unique mounts provide a solid clamp between the light and the tube, minimizing vibration and movement. A pedestal mounting kit is also available for bumper pan or roof mounting options. Feel free to contact us about the mounting kits.

Vision X 

Vision X Automotive/Offroad LED lighting runs at a 6000K temperature for intense, bright white light for increased visibility and safety. LED technology has many advantages over traditional lighting options, including low power consumption, no voltage spike at start-up, 50.000 hour life span, and increased durability with the absence of a bulb.

Vision X has a wide range of headlights and fog lights, for specific and non specific vehicle models. For example for a Jeep Wrangler JK which comes with an extremely powerful high beam and a wide spread low beam. With such diversity in beam pattern, you can rest assured that you’ll have to right lighting for the right scenario at any given time.

As for the light bars, work lights and pods (or better known as a-pillar lights) they have an extensive range available in all kinds of shapes, sizes and mounting options. You can browse our Vision X range here.


STEDI stands for cutting-edge design and market-leading performance. When you enter the world of STEDI you’re buying into a product that is mechanically and optically engineered with know-how and tooling, with reputation and warranty standing right behind it. STEDI lights won’t fade, turn yellow, and fall off at the first sign of corrugations. 

STEDI has an extensive range of lights available such as led spot lights or driving lights, which are the very best representation of their brands spirit and culture. The performance and quality surpasses that of the most respected players in the industry. They also have led light bars available in all shapes and sizes.

Are you looking for some specific mounts, switches or any accessories? STEDI has got you covered in all possible areas!

STEDI is also offering a complete led camping range with a comprehensive array of lighting options for everything from roof rack mounted flood lights to handheld camping lights and everything in between. Whether you’re looking for ideas, building out a brand new camping setup, or adding the finishing touches to your existing setup, we have what you need right here in our shop!

You can order all of them on request only by contacting us here.