AEV is pleased to announce the release of its new Hi-Lift Jack/Pull-Pal Mount for its popular Jeep JK Rear Bumper/Tire Carrier. This rugged bolt-on mount is engineered to install quickly, fit snugly and provide a solid, vibration-free storage solution for the popular Hi-Lift Jack and Pull-Pal Land Anchor. At some point most Jeepers have struggled to find a storage solution for these heavy, awkward tools. AEV’s mount solves this problem permanently and keeps these tools in a convenient storage position that is easy to access – even when your Jeep is sunk up to its doors in mud! AEV has also carefully placed this mount directly above the large, chassis-mounted spindle-housing of its Tire Carrier. This takes the load of these tools off the Tire Carrier and tailgate and puts it right into the chassis where it belongs. This means your Tire Carrier and tailgate will continue to work easily and you’ll get years of reliable service from both.