Incorporating all the best features a wheel bin bag can provide, the ARB 4X4 TrackPack Series 2 delivers the convenience of keeping your rubbish under control and more.

Keeping your vehicle clean and organised, this versatile storage bag provides storage for unwanted smelly rubbish, recyclables and dirty/muddy or wet clothes and shoes, and is ideal for muddy or wet recovery equipment such as ARB Snatch Straps.

Plus, it can be easily washed out ready for the next adventure. The new Series 2 model features a roll up top to help prevent access to rubbish from local wildlife, flies and other pests, and also when moving to your next spot or heading home it keeps all your rubbish where it needs to be. Using a roll top unit has a better seal and reduces zipper fouling from dust and mud.

Keep your rubbish sorted with a unique internal divider with key icon identifiers to create dual compartments – one for recyclables and one for general waste. If the whole storage space is required then the internal divider can be unclipped to use the full space inside the bag.

Along with keeping rubbish stored, dual side storage pockets are ideal for your recovery equipment, keeping them within reach when needed quickly.

The side storage pockets are easily clipped down to keep your recovery straps in place, and each pocket includes shackle holders.

Alternatively, of course the side pockets are also ideal for keys, sunscreen, bin liners and other items.