The ARB Soft Shackle represents the latest in high-technology recovery gear that is just as strong as the old-school recovery gear, but easier and can be safer to use. If you switched from steel winch cable to synthetic winch line, you probably never looked back and never will. The Soft Shackle will likely be similar to the synthetic winch line for you.

The Soft Shackle is flexible by nature and will work with many different kinds of shapes that the old steel shackles would not be compatible with. Furthermore, the old steel shackles could behave like steel weights on the end of a giant elastic band if a vehicle’s recovery point ever failed under load. The Soft Shackle is light enough that it will float in water, so it represents much less of a hazard if a recovery point ever fails during a recovery. Your recovery gear bag will also be lighter in weight by many pounds because a good recovery bag has several shackles in it.